About Cambium Medical Technologies

Cambium’s Mission

“Using novel processed human platelets to improve quality of life… from within.”

Cambium Medical Technologies, founded by four blood industry luminaries out of Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)--is focused on the development and commercialization of regenerative therapies derived from novel processed human platelets.  Cambium is developing Elate Ocular™ a standardized, commercialized platelet derived biologic eye drop for dry eye syndrome (keratoconjunctivis sicca) as its first FDA approved therapy.  Elate Ocular™ is an investigational drug and is not yet approved for sale in or outside the United States. 

Through a strategic partner (Zheng Yang Biomedical Technology Co LTD, Taipei, Taiwan) Cambium commercializes worldwide its novel platelets (Aurarix™) in UltraGrow-Advanced™ as a premium stem cell growth supplement.  Cambium plans to pursue additional applications of its Aurarix™ novel platelets in multiple medical fields directly and through select strategic partners

Cambium Milestones to Date:

  • Three core patents filed with US PTO – June 2011 through June 2012. 
  • First successful FDA pre-IND meeting on Elate Ocular™ – October 2012.
  • Seven additional (foreign) patents filled –June 2012 through October 2014.
  • Cambium incorporated as a Georgia LLC – July 2013.
  • CEO with prior ophthalmic, blood industry and start-up expertise joins Cambium – August 2013.
  • Secured strategic partner and sub-license with Zheng Yang Biomedical Technology Co LTD, Taipei, Taiwan for commercialization of Aurarix™ in worldwide cell growth supplement market - May 2014.
  • Secured worldwide technology License from Emory University for all fields of use – May 2014.
  • Third party reimbursement specialist concludes in White Paper Elate Ocular™ “should be able to obtain [reimbursement] coverage including preferred formulary status” – September 2014.
  • Cambium Medical Monitor, two ophthalmic clinical/regulatory consultants & seven member key industry dry eye opinion leaders Medical Advisory Board (MAB) established - October 2014.
  • Second successful FDA pre-IND meeting on Elate Ocular™ with emphasis on CMC section of upcoming IND -- November 2014.
  • Selected and presented at SEBIO Investor Conference, (Atlanta, Georgia) as Early Stage Company – November 2014.
  • Standardized manufacturing process finalized, successfully transferred to strategic partner for use in production of Aurarix™ for stem cell growth supplement market – Fall 2014.
  • Elate Ocular and Aurarix trademarks filed with US PTO for Cambium’s dry eye and novel human platelet products respectfully – October 2014.
  • Atlanta Aurarix™ manufacturing start-up begins – December 2014.
  • First sale of Aurarix™ as UltraGRO-Advanced™ occurs through strategic partner – March 2015.
  • First Cambium revenues (royalties from partner) begin—April 2015.
  • MAB convened to finalize Elate Ocular™ dry eye FDA clinical trial protocol – April 2015.
  • Two patents filed on novel dry eye packaging developed by Georgia Tech graduate bioengineering students – April, May 2015.
  • US FDA clinical sites and Principal Investigators for Elate Ocular™ clinical trials identified – May 2015.  Three sites subsequently rated in “top 10” of all US ophthalmology hospital sites by US News and World Report and with all sites receiving votes – July 2015.
  • Cambium website (www.cambiumbio.com) updated – September 2015
  • Notice of Allowance of NIH STTR grant award – September 2015