Regenerative Therapies Through Novel Processed Platelets

Regenerative therapy is a game changing area of medicine today. It includes the use of healthy cells or cellular components to treat certain diseases and conditions associated with aging or damage.

Platelets, a ”natural” biologic produced by and within the body, hold promise as an emerging regenerative therapy. Best known for its blood clotting properties, platelets also facilitate tissue repair and regeneration via the release and activation of not one but numerous nutritive and regenerative components at a damaged bleeding site. But what about non-bleeding sites? Or damaged sites that could benefit from enriched levels of these components but don’t need, want or benefit from the clotting agent in platelets? Or platelet therapeutics conveniently sourced and processed from younger healthier donors versus older diseased patients? Or consistent standardized FDA approved platelet therapeutics? Or platelet therapeutics potentially eligible for reimbursement? These are Cambium’s visions for its novel processed platelets.