Cambium’s Novel Processed Fibrinogen-Depleted Human Platelet Lysate Sourced from Donors vs. Patients

Cambium founders have developed a proprietary process to manufacture a pro-regenerative allogeneic human platelet lysate product depleted of fibrinogen (the clotting agent in platelets) but resulting in not equivalent but enhanced levels of key nutritive and regenerative components.

Cambium’s novel processed platelets (trademarked Aurarix®) utilize platelets sourced from US blood collection centers (e.g., American Red Cross, NY Blood Center, Blood Centers of America, etc) using biologically active plateletpheresis product as well as platelets derived from the processing of whole blood.  Once these platelet products are identified, collected and QCd, they are then frozen and shipped to Cambium for processing through Cambium’s QC and novel processes into “fibrinogen-depleted human platelet lysate” (Aurarix®) for use in numerous therapeutic applications.

The active ingredients (note plural) of Aurarix® are the numerous proteins, metabolites and lipids contained within platelets released by the freeze-thaw lysis and the Company’s novel de-fibrinogenation process of platelets sourced not from individual diseased patients but healthy pre-screened donors.